The Turkish Bath Culture

For centuries Turkish ceylon continues to exist as one of the major components of the Ottoman and Turkish ceylon culture with its pestemal, rubber, large and bright dome and unique architectural beauty. Ceylon that was built with the purpose of the water use for health is not only a cleaning place for Turks. Turkish ceylon is also health and entertainment center where people having social activities.

Turkish ceylon is the home of the tradition of physical and spiritual purification. The body and skin is cleaned and they are purified from toxins, the blood circulation increases, immune system is stimulated so that the physical and mental system is supported. History of ceylon and architecture of the Turkish Ceylon is the special branche of science and art to be examined as meticulously. The HasekiHurrem Turkish Ceylon, The Tiled Turkish Bath, The Cemberlitas Istanbul Ceylon, The Cagaloglu Turkish Ceylon, The Kilic Ali Pasha Istanbul Ceylon, The Galatasaray Istanbul Ceylon, Grand Ceylon and The Suleymaniye Ceylon -which have been restored in accordance with the original buildings-, are the most beautiful examples of the construction of large domed Turkish ceylon. At the same time these are the best Istanbul Ceylons.

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